Disconnecting from Netzero

Seeing as how I am losing my job, I’ve tried a couple of times in the past to terminate my Netzero account.  I have now written a snail mail letter to Mr. Goldston personally.  Knowing that it will most likely be stopped before it reaches his desk, I am trying to be optimistic in this old-fashioned approach.  Wish me well!!


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Another Weekend

Ah yes the weekend is here!!  Ok.  I’m finished with installing Ubuntu Hardy Heron on my desktop.  Success in getting it working except for printer (Kodak 5300 all in one) and getting my sound card to work (Sound Blaster Audigy).  Any help in comments would be appreciated.  Will inform of progress soon!!

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Hello world!

My name is Kevin.  I have been working at the same job for the last 9 years.  Unfortunately, there is the possibility of losing that job due to internal conflicts that are out of my control.  I am looking for work obviously in the event that I am forced to look for work elsewhere.  I am hoping to get paid training in consulting work in the computer field.  I have built two computers.  I am familiar with Windows XP.  I am also learning different platforms in the Linux area.  Currently I am self training in Ubuntu.  My next projects include Fedora and Red Hat.  I am willing to relocate.  What I would like to do is to advise clients who are tired of Windows systems and recommend to them a Linux Platform that would suit their needs.  I personally believe that Windows is a dying platform and that other platforms such as Linux, will be on the rise. My contact email is personalperuse@yahoo.com.

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